Things to Know About Housing in Pearl City

Pearl City
June 15, 2015

For six years of my staying here in Pearl City Hawaii, I am always aware that one of the most booming businesses in our city is house rentals for tourists. There is big income from this kind of business because almost all throughout the year, there are many vacationers staying here. To feel the nature more and to feel the real Pearl City living, these travelers choose to rent houses…


Reasons Why Living in Pearl City is Convenient

Pearl City Hi
June 9, 2015

Our city is well-known for its fine beaches and the activities that can be enjoyed by the travelers. Whether they look for surfing, swimming, or just sun-bathing spots, all of them are catered here in Pearl City. But apart from that, we also offer a convenient Pearl City living to those who want to be a part of our community, even for those who are only spending their vacation here….


Pearl city residents richer than the rest of America

Pearl City
May 28, 2015

The term Pearl city Hawaii living gets a whole new meaning when one find out that the median household income in Pearl city is higher than the rest of the country. This is not a new fact, the people of Pearl city are generally known to be prosperous. However, it did make Pearl city news when a recent survey revealed that pearl city residents’ median household income is around $30000…


History of Pearl City, Hawaii

Pearl City HI
May 9, 2015

Pearl City is situated north of the famous Pearl Harbor; to the east of it is Aiea and to the west is Waipahu. In the early times of the area in which Pearl City was situated, the community relies heavily in fishery as their source of food. The Pearl River boasts bountiful shellfish and different species of aquatic animals and people made fish pens as a way to further increase…


Education as an Important Charm of Pearl City

pearl city
April 8, 2015

They say, education is an important tool for a person to be successful. Here in Pearl City, we value education as much as we value life. Our community believes that the progress of our city lies in the hands of its residents who have enough knowledge and understanding about how we can make the Pearl City living fruitful in all positive aspects. But what do we do to attain such…