Does Pearl City Need a Mascot?

Pearl City is one of the prioritized places by tourists when they are going to Hawaii. When they want to have a superb beach experience, this town is on the top of their list. Why? Simply because this place is a paradise. It offers a lot of activities and staying here will really be remarkable.

As a resident of Pearl City, I am aware that some travelers think twice when going here. Aside from the high cost of living, our town becomes overpopulated especially during summer and holiday seasons. Traffics are all around the place and people compete for a parking space. These problems could be a cause of the decrease in the number of travelers.

We all know that promotion of the town’s tourism will always be effective and can attract vacationers. As part of this promotion, having a mascot will definitely be a great help in getting the interest of tourists once again. It will be worthwhile if Pearl City Hawaii will have an icon so that people will remember our town’s dynamic culture. Moreover, if the mascot is very appealing to the eyes of children, they can convince their parents to go and experience Pearl City.

I remember as a child, some mascots of fast foods and other food brands always stay in my mind, reminding me of their delicious snacks and meals. Likewise, a tourist will remember the mascot as the representation of the colorful and distinctive way of life here in our town.

Pearl City also joins sports and activities with other towns. It would really be fun and exciting if we, the residents, will have a symbol in such kind of events. We will appreciate the spirit of the town if there will be a mascot. Besides, it will not cost too much and in return, it will bring enjoyment to both locals and the tourists.

Beyond these reasons for having a mascot, some people will also be granted with jobs. They could be jobs for making the mascot, for cleaning and maintaining it, or for playing as the mascot itself.

We should always remember that we can always try new things. As long as it is for the betterment of our town, I think there is nothing wrong on making steps and trying new possible strategies which we can still improve eventually.


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