Prioritizing Workforce as Pearl City’s Tool to Economic Success

Living in a city where tourism is an important source of income, we, the residents, celebrate the continuous booming of the economic status of Pearl City. Because many tourists are visiting our city, many opportunities and jobs are opening, offering various kinds of works and businesses to our people. From housing rentals to different kinds of services, many sources of income are knocking at our doors.

Aside from the good performance of our city when it comes to tourism, the Pearl City news are always excited reporting to us the constant improvement of our economy even from other industries. Based on the indicators about the employment status of our municipality, we are displaying an improving trend when talking about our income, our existing industries, and the average number of employed residents. With these figures, it is undeniable that the number of unemployed residents here is comparatively low, thus poverty level is also low.

Pearl City Hawaii living is truly rich and advanced. We can celebrate extravagant Pearl City events not only because our city is rich, whether it is about its natural environment or economic status, but also, we want to maintain the culture that attracted so many travelers. We do our best to keep the city as lovely as it used to be. But what makes us driven to do so?

High earnings of the workforce makes our city economically stable and gives good news to us whenever we see the improvement in the Pearl City news. Apart from good wages of our laborers, we are motivated by the number of hours given to us to make money. Using again the statistics, among all the employees in our place, almost 80% of the males are working more than 35 hours a week while almost 60% of females work with the same length. The rest of the employed are working below 35 hours and some of them are part-time employees.

What makes us motivated is the government that prioritizes the labor force of Pearl City. They organize activities and other Pearl City events that give the residents jobs, even for part-time. They maintain the Pearl City living as a lifestyle with strong economy on which we can be always proud of.


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