Shooting incident triggered by Narcotics Deal in Pearl City

24-year old Winston Domingo stepped on the court and attested that he and his friend was shot after a misunderstanding concerning marijuana. The shooting incident took away the life of the 26-year old Guyan Nuuhiwa. Guyan was Winston’s friend and companion during the time of the shooting. Winston survived after spending time in the hospital. He survived after receiving bullet wounds in his back, buttocks and arm.

According to Winston, Micah Kanahele fired shots at them after Guyan refused to lower the value from $1,600 to 1,480. This placed Kanahele as the gunman in the Pearl City murder which occurred last November 1, 2003. Winston’s testimony provided the neighborhood a glimpse of the dangers that happen during a drug deal. Winston added that nobody had to lose his life due to marijuana.

Based on Winston’s statement, Kanahele had contacted him several times. They both agreed to meet at Longs parking lot at night. Kanahele went in through the back seat of the car to discuss the deal. Kanahele requested to have the price of the merchandise lowered. But instead of conforming to the request, Guyan refused to lower the value. This was because of the prior arrangements he made with the person where he got the marijuana from. Kanahele picked up his pistol. He fired at Winston and Guyan after attempting to escape with the merchandise intact.

Kanahele is on trial for murder, attempted murder, illegal possession of firearm and 2 counts of illegal drug possession. He is also being prosecuted for the murder of 49-year old Greg Morishima. This happened 6 days prior to the Pearl City Hawaii shooting incident. Mr. Morishima died after visiting an Aiea residence. Kanahele had appeared before the court together with his colleagues, Kevin Harris and Rosalino Ramos. Both were charged with robbery.

Honolulu District Judge Leslie Hayashi has to determine if all 3 accused are going to stand in trial for the charges that they’ve committed. Prior to the start of the hearing, Judge Hayashi ordered both Kanahele and Ramos to the courtroom. They are scheduled to face murder charges for Morishima’s death.

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